2 Course Timeline

It is difficult to fit the whole product development process into a semester course, but the goal is to make the experience as real-world as possible while fitting in as much of the development process as possible. All components will be explained further in additional chapters. In general, though, each section of the course is described below. The semester is split fairly evenly between the three sections. It is important to hit the ground running in this course!

Formulation – 5 Weeks

During this period your team will be responsible for ideating and selecting a formula for a new food product, determining consumer expectations, producing a gold standard, and evaluating your product through consumer and instrumental testing. At the end of this section, your team will have a gold standard product that will be able to be converted into a processable formula. A Formulation Board of Directors meeting will be scheduled for the end of the Formulation section.

Processing – 5 Weeks

During this period your team will be responsible for perfecting your processable formula made with industrial ingredients. You will scale up your formula in the laboratory and under plant conditions as applicable. Your team will be involved with processing and process development, food safety analysis, and measuring quality attributes.

Commercialization – 5 Weeks

During this final period, your team will address issues including consumer acceptance and instrumental testing of your product from your scaled-up process, shelf-life testing, nutritional labeling, and final package and label design. You will present your product and final shelf-ready package to the Board of Directors at the end of this section and will also share your new product with the department.



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