H5P activities list

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1Chapter 3 Pre-CheckMultiple Choice
2Now, let's match the excerpts to the communicative goals by dragging and dropping.Drag and Drop
3Goal 1 Strategy Check AMultiple Choice
4Goal 1 Strategy Check BMultiple Choice
5Goal 2 Strategy CheckMultiple Choice
6Goal 3 for the Introduction Section: Identifying StrategiesQuestion Set
7Putting sentences from an Introduction into their logical orderSort the Paragraphs
8Chapter 4 Pre-CheckMultiple Choice
9Reviewing the Sections of an Empirical Research ArticleFill in the Blanks
10Chapter 5 Pre-CheckMultiple Choice
11Anatomy of a Research ArticleFind Multiple Hotspots
12The Anatomy of a Research ArticleCourse Presentation
13Chapter 3 Pre-CheckMultiple Choice
14Intro_Goal 1Multiple Choice
15Intro_Goal 2Multiple Choice
16Intro_Goal 3Question Set
17Intro_Connecting goals (logical order)Sort the Paragraphs
18Claiming Centrality ExamplesCourse Presentation
19Providing General Background ExamplesCourse Presentation
20Reviewing Previous Research ExamplesCourse Presentation
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