This resource will introduce you to the laws and best practices that support digital learning and digital teaching in the 21st century. You will become familiar with the basic foundations of copyright and fair use while exploring case studies in education.

The content is organized into three levels: LEVEL 1: public domain and Creative Commons, LEVEL 2: four factors of fair use and video in the classroom, and LEVEL 3: transformative use in fair use and other laws. You will begin by taking an assessment that can help you choose the appropriate level. Each level consists of supporting information (e.g., definitions, videos, resources), a discussion board, and a quiz.

  1. Begin by downloading the following documents to help you organize the concepts in this module.
  2. Complete the pre-assessment, a 15 item quiz. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with the content on the quiz! These questions will make sure that you are placed in the correct level.
    • If you score less than 6 correct out of 15, proceed to the level 1 readings and activities.
    • If you score between 6–10, proceed to the level 2 readings and activities.
    • If you score between 11–15, proceed to the level 3 readings and activities.


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