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Version Date Type Description Page
V1 September 5, 2019 References References changed to Chicago style to match footnote style N/A
V1.1 August 3, 2020 Content Changed text in Diversity & Inclusion from “gender identity” to “gender and/or gender identity” for clarity. Diversity & Inclusion
V1.1 August 3, 2020 Format Fonts standardized throughout the text to avoid the “serif body/sans-serif header” problem. N/A
V1.1 August 13, 2021 Organization Moved the chapter “Assessing Course Outcomes” to the beginning of the “Teaching with OER” chapter Assessing Course Outcomes
V1.1 August 13, 2021 Content Changed the title of the chapter “Diversity and Inclusion” to “Centering Diversity and Inclusion” to make the meaning of the chapter more clearly tied to “what you can do.” Diversity & Inclusion


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