About the Authors

Nancy L. Pelzer

Nancy L. Pelzer was the Science and Agriculture Catalog Librarian and is Associate Professor Emeritus in the Iowa State University Library Cataloging Department. Prior to receiving her MA degree in Library Science from the University of Iowa, she did graduate work in the field of animal science at the Rutgers University College of Agriculture, followed by research in veterinary science at the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Her library research has focused on access to veterinary materials. Since 1988, in a series of published articles she has addressed how and whether information of various types is utilized by the veterinary community, suggested how access to veterinary medical materials in library catalogs might be improved through more appropriate classification and subject headings and, most recently, how veterinary medical library Web sites provide “one-stop-shops” for accessing quality, authoritative information relating to veterinary medicine. From 2001–2004 she served as an Editorial Board member for the Journal of the Medical Library Association. She has written numerous book reviews for Science Books & Films, Journal of Agricultural and Food Information, and Journal of the Medical Library Association.

William H. Wiese

William H. Wiese was Veterinary Medical Reference and Collections Librarian and Associate Professor at Iowa State University. He received the MA degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Iowa in 1984. Prior to coming to Iowa State University Library, he held librarian positions at Kansas State University and Oklahoma State University where his work focused on collections and reference in the agricultural and life sciences. He has authored or co-authored articles on various aspects of veterinary, agricultural, and science librarianship, and with two co-authors shared the 2004 Jesse H. Shera Award for Distinguished Published Research from the American Library Association’s Library Research Round Table. His book reviews have been published in Library Journal, American Reference Books Annual, Science & Technology Libraries, and Science and Technology Annual Reference Review. He has been involved in the development and upkeep of the AgNIC Swine Page, Iowa State University’s contribution to the Web site of the Agriculture Network Information Center, National Agricultural Library. He is a member of the Veterinary Medical Libraries Section, Medical Library Association.


Veterinary Medical Libraries in the 21st Century Copyright © 2018 by Nancy L. Pelzer and William H. Wiese. All Rights Reserved.

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