Gender Inequality, Fishbowl Discussion

Kayla Gerard


Step by Step Instructions

  1. First, the class will be split into two groups: Group one will read the first article, while group two will read the second in order to gain a better understanding of gender inequality and how it occurs in our world.
  2. Everyone will read their assigned article individually before discussing it with their group.
  3. Groups will get together to discuss thoughts on the articles by completing Guiding Questions
  4. After discussing, students will form two circles, one inner and one outer circle.
  5. Group 1 will be in the inner circle first and will discuss their article using the guiding questions for ten minutes while the outer group listens.
  6. When time is up, the outer group will have time to ask questions.
  7. Then groups will switch, having group 2 be the inner circle and group 1 be the outer circle.
  8. To conclude, students will write a quick reflection about their own thoughts on our discussion and hand it in as an exit ticket.
  9. Through this discussion and reflection, students will gain skills in reading comprehension, critical thinking, and making connections. Students will unpack sociopolitical issues through reading and discussing about people’s real life experiences with gender inequality.
Video Demonstration

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