Ella’s Sweet Surprise

Written by Karly Nederhoff

Inspired by “The Gift of Strawberries” in Braiding Sweetgrass


This story is about a young girl, Ella, who grows up on a farm with a field of strawberries. She learns that these strawberries have much more meaning than just a fruit. Her momma teaches her that strawberries are a gift of love. Ella lives by this as she grows up, by sharing love through her family’s strawberries.

Keywords: strawberries, family, love

Ella was a young girl who grew up on a farm with a field of strawberries surrounding her home.

These fields became her best friend growing up, and she loved to pick the fresh fruit of each year.

Her favorite thing to do was sleep outside and smell the ripeness of the strawberries on a warm, summer night.

When Ella was younger, her momma once told her that strawberries are a sign of love because of their heart shape and their sweet taste.

Ella loved this story, and she decided that it was going to be something she would share with her children someday.

Ella grew older and eventually had a family of her own. She shared her love of strawberries with them by sharing stories of her past.

Ella began to be recognized as the strawberry lady, as she would give strawberries to her family, friends, and community.

Ella shared love by giving out her strawberries, a sign of love like her momma once told her.


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