Mother Earth

Written by Ashley Burns


A little girl named Lomasi meets another little girl while in the forest looking for some flowers to take home and use as medicine in her tribe. It just happens that both girls happen to be doing the same thing. They discover a new plant and are curious as to what it is and how it could affect mother nature.

Keywords: Mother Nature, garlic mustard, medicinal herbs

I have always felt a connection to being outside. From the trees swaying side to side to the summer heat and grass between my toes. The flowers are my favorite of all, my mom always says it fits my name. Lomasi means ‘pretty flower’ from the tribe we belong to. It is in our nature to be a part of the nature. To embrace Mother Nature.

Before heading off to help my mom in the fields I gather my stuff to go out and explore. I always take with me a basket for the flowers and things I find. Sometimes mom even uses it to make medicine.

While on my walk this time I ran into someone. It was another girl! I don’t think she is a part of my tribe though. I hesitate to approach her in fear of what may happen but before I can even think she greets me. “Hello!” said the girl, “What is your name?!”.

“My name is Lomasi, it means…” and before I could finish my sentence the mystery girl said it for me. “It means pretty flower! I love that name! My name is Aiyana, it means eternal blossom which means our names are almost the same!” said Aiyana in a very excited tone. “Would you like to join me? I’m looking for flowers and mushrooms for my family,” she said.

“That’s funny that’s just what I was about to go do! Where are you from?” I was still curious as to where she came from. “If you go through this way and just past the small river, I live with them. I’m not quite sure what our tribe is called. They tell me and I never can figure out how to remember it. My mom always says as long as I follow the stars and the sky, I’ll always find my way back home!” she said.

We walked around picking up all the beautiful flowers among the trees making sure to only take the ones we needed. It is part of what we believe. Mother Nature will provide us with what we need from when we first come to when we leave, she will always take care of us, as long as we take care of her. I did happen to notice something while looking. I saw an interesting looking plant. I had never seen anything like it around here. So, both Aiyana and I grabbed one to bring back and show our families. “I am going to show this to my mom maybe she knows what it is!” I said. “I come out here every day. Do you want to meet me here again tomorrow? When the sun is in the same spot as today!”. She agreed to do the same.

I head back home to show my mom what I found today and to help her in the fields. “Look at what I found today!” I showed her excitedly. Before she even told me what it was, she told me to put it in the fire. I ran right over to do as she said. I wonder why she wanted me to get rid of it this way. I came back to the fields to help her for the day.

“Why did I have to get rid of that one?” I asked her.

“We learn from mother nature what is best for us as well as what we can do to take care of her. That is called Garlic Mustard. It hurts mother nature by poisoning her soil. When we hurt her soil, it kills all of our medicinal plants and food. Do you remember where you found it?” I nod my head and take her to where my friend and I found it.

I help my mother put it all up to help get rid of it. I figured now I could tell her about my new friend.

“Do you know anyone that doesn’t live in our tribe but nearby?” I asked.

“There is another tribe nearby. We have made peace with them but keep to our own,” she said. “Why do you ask, Lomasi?”

“I met this girl! She says she is from across the river! She said her name is Aiyana and she also helps pick flowers for her family,” I tell her with excitement. “She said she would meet me here again tomorrow. I will have to tell her about the plant being bad for mother nature!”

“Yes, be sure to tell her about the plant. They can help us make sure mother earth is protected so she can protect us,” she said. The day came and went with the sun and moon. I made sure go to the spot I told her I’d meet her in. After a little I see her coming towards me I wave at her in excitement. I am excited to have a friend my age here and can’t wait to learn more with her.


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