Course expectations and group projects

Students are responsible for adhering to the expectations in course syllabi and on coursework and exams, and for following directions given by faculty, instructors, and testing center regulations related to coursework, assessments, and exams. As an example, if your instructor indicates you must stop writing and turn over your exam, but you forgot to put your name at the top, you should stop writing and turn your exam over, and not take any additional action without the permission or under the observation of the instructor or proctor. Violations of course policies that could result in an unfair academic advantage also constitute a violation of University policy.

Knowledge Check 8: Course Expectations

These slides have shared a number of examples of how academic misconduct can look in the University setting and at Iowa State. It is important to note that academic misconduct can occur both individually and as a part of group work. It is important that you are holding yourself to a high standard of academic integrity and, when working with peers on group work, are holding the group accountable to the same level of integrity. If you are participating in a group project where misconduct is occurring, you are responsible for reporting this misconduct to your faculty. In group projects, some or all group members can be charged for a submission containing misconduct.

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