What is Academic Integrity and Why Does It Matter?

To start, it is important to define what academic integrity is. We will refer back to this definition many times during the tutorial. You may wish to write down this definition or take a picture of the screen for reference.

Academic integrity means being honest in your academic work, being fair to others, and taking responsibility for your learning.[1] This is demonstrated by doing your own work, based on your understanding of the course content, without the use of unauthorized assistance from start to finish for all of your academic work.

The purpose of any course you take is to learn new material and add to the value of the degree you are receiving. What you learn in one class often provides the groundwork for what you will learn in another class and may be foundational for your career.

Ask yourself, is cheating worth hurting your own chances and potential for learning?

You have chosen to attend Iowa State because you see the value in education and the value in obtaining a degree. Your degree represents what you have learned and the knowledge and skills that Iowa State has equipped you with to enter the professional world. Think of academic integrity as the foundation for your academic and professional career. Academic integrity adds value to your degree and ensures you are better prepared for the workforce. In other words, choosing to do your academic work without integrity devalues the degree you are receiving from Iowa State.

Yes, in a career you will be able to use resources, the internet, engage with colleagues about the work, get help, and use information that originated with someone else. However, individual knowledge is required and valued, and integrity, such as original research, attribution, critical thinking, and problem-solving in your field is a necessity.


Reflection: Ethics in Your Future Profession


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