Versioning History

As this book is a living resource, it may undergo additional updates and editing after its initial release. These changes will be logged in the table below. If you have a suggestion, correction, or comment for the authors of this book, please submit it to our Feedback Form.

Version Date Type* Description Related Chapter(s)
1.0 02/02/2022 Correction Updated Figure 15 (Chapter 1); Figure 4 (Chapter 5) Chapter 1; Chapter 5
1.0 1/16/2023 Correction Updated content (Chapter 2)

Types of Edits

  • Accessibility: Alt text is added to images, captions are added to figures and tables, headers are added or edited, etc.
  • Addition: Text, images, or activities are added to the text.
  • Correction: Changes are made to the text to fix spelling mistakes or update content.
  • Format: Font and formatting changes are made (i.e. adding bold or italics to important terms, adding glossary terms, etc).
  • Major: Major reorganization, formatting changes, and other overhauls to the content are made. Usually related to version updates.
  • References: Citations are added to the text, citation formatting is edited, or attribution is added or changed for media.


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