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Zahra Falsafi is finishing her MS degree for Spring 2024. She holds a BS in Design and Sewing Technology from Shariati Technical and Vocational College. She was a recipient of the Agatha Huepenbecker Burnet Endowed Graduate Research and Teaching Assistantship in the ISU Textiles and Clothing Museum. Her research interests include, design, traditional dress, and the intersections between function, style, and apparel products.

Kelly L. Reddy-Best, PhD, is a professor in Apparel, Merchandising at Iowa State University (USA) and the chief curator and director of ISU’s Textiles and Clothing Museum. In her research she examines the interrelationships of dress, identity, consumption, regulation, and the fashion system. All of her work is rooted in a social justice lens. She has taught courses across the apparel curriculum in design, product development, merchandising, culture, and history.


Abbey K. Elder is the Open Access and Scholarly Communication Librarian for Iowa State University. She provides support for authors developing open textbooks and other open educational resources (OER) at Iowa State.


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