How to Use This Book

This is a free textbook geared toward college-level courses about dress and identity. The book  was written to help students learn about dress and identity and how these topics intersect with marginalized communities. Everyone interacts with different people in their day-to-day lives; a greater understanding of others can lead to a more equitable, just society.

This textbook was funded by the Miller Open Education Mini-Grant Program at Iowa State University. Extra care and effort were involved to give you high-quality, affordable course materials. I am interested in your experience using these materials and welcome your feedback. If you find any issues or missing areas in this text or want to offer positive feedback, email me at

Book Organization

Each chapter within this book contains

  • Learning objectives: a list of major topics covered in the chapter and what you should expect to learn more about as you read.
  • Content: the bulk of the chapter, including original text, summaries of peer-reviewed scholarship, and media to demonstrate examples from the text.
  • Interactive questions: review questions are embedded in each chapter; use these to check your understanding of what you’ve learned.
  • Case study: Each case study assignment is related to the chapter’s content. You will recognize the case study in its callout box at the end of each chapter. The downloadable Word document provided outlines the tasks and evaluation criteria for the assignment and provides a template for submissions.

Example Chapter Case Study

The case study attached below is a Word document and can be downloaded. It includes the task, evaluation, and template for the case study:

[Example Word Document would be linked here]

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