1 Orientation and Honesty

Module Learning Objectives (MLO)

In this chapter, you will

  • MLO 1.1. Identify the policies in the syllabus.
  • MLO 1.2 Meet other students to create a sense of community.
  • MLO 1.3 Identify concepts related to academic honesty and dishonesty. [CLO 6]
  • MLO 1.4 Explain ways to engage in honest behaviors in the course. [CLO 6]
  • MLO 1.5 Explain ways to engage in dishonest behaviors in the course and the related consequences. [CLO 6]
  • MLO 1.6 Articulate your past perspectives and experiences with honesty in college courses. [CLO 6]

Syllabus: AMD 165 Dress, Appearance, and Diversity in U.S. Society

You can download the syllabus for our class as a Word document by clicking the link below:

AMD 165 Syllabus Spring 2024 [DOC]


In this course, honesty is an important value. Before beginning with the course content, read this short article on the Philosophy of Honesty:

Borghini, A. (2020, February 1). “The Philosophy of Honesty.” ThoughtCo. Retrieved from https://www.thoughtco.com/philosophy-of-honesty-2670612.

Academic Dishonesty at Iowa State University

Iowa State University has policies regarding academic honesty. Review the updated policies on the Academic Conduct website.

Representation of thinking and ideas being generated. Two black heads face eachother. One has question marks above the head. The other has yellow light bulbs above their head.

Honesty Case Study

Step One: Become familiar with the case study.

  1. The case study attached below is a Word document and can be downloaded. It includes the task, evaluation, and template for the case study:

Honesty Case Study [DOC]

Step Two: Submit your complete assignment on Canvas.

  1. Format your document.
  2. Remember to check the submission against the rubric.


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