3.3 Labels to Learn

Besides the many filters, there are also other important labels within your search results. The image below highlights some of those labels.


A screenshot of labels highlighted in QuickSearch including filters, material types, and availability.

Active filters

Whenever you select a filter, you’ll see it listed at the top of the right column under Active filters. In our example, we’ve chosen Books as our only filter. In your own searches, you can select more than one filter and click the X for any filter you want to remove.

If you’re doing multiple searches, you’ll want to check whether filters from your previous searches are still listed as active. You may want to remove them if they’re impacting your search results in a way you did not intend.

Material type

Next, notice that each item on your list has information to tell you what type of resource it is. This is above the item title. We’ve filtered our list to show only books, so all the labels show we have found books and book chapters. In other searches you do, you are likely to see a variety of labels, including videos, articles, and more.

Multiple versions exist

Notice how one record indicates multiple versions exist, and includes a see all versions link. Don’t assume that this label literally means the library has multiple copies of the exact same book. Instead, your search has found more than one version of the same item in different formats or editions. Think of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. In this case, “multiple versions” includes several different film versions, music recordings, different editions of books, physical books and ebooks, and more.

A book in Quick Search has "Multiple versions" labelled above it and "4 versions of this record exist" below the book information.


Full text available

Full text​​​​​​ available means the whole item is available in a digital format. It’s not just a snippet or excerpt like you might find in an Amazon preview.

To access the full text, click on the link following “full text available at.” You’ll may be taken directly to your item, or you may be taken to a page that provides a link to the specific digital collection that includes your item. Sometimes there may be multiple collections that include your item so you may see more than one link. If there is more than one digital collection listed for your item, just click the first one that includes the year you need.


E-books in Quick Search may include multiple access options through indexes and journal websites

Searching Quick Search in this way is guaranteed to bring lots of results, just like a basic search in Google. However, using Advanced Search in Quick Search is almost always guaranteed to bring you better results for your research topic.


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