Chapter 1

How to Use this E-book

Prior to delving into the book’s content, it is helpful to understand how the chapters are organized and how to best exploit the instructional content and featured supplemental components. Firstly, each chapter presents detailed descriptions of the research article sections, including authors’ main goals for each section and the strategies authors intentionally apply to achieve those goals, and what common elements we find in every research report, no matter the discipline. To supplement this written description, a number of callout boxes are used so you can understand how to interact with the material and use it to best process the tips and strategies provided. Make sure to read and interact with these features so you can make the most from your engagement with this book.

Featured chapter components:

  • Warm-Up
  • Explore and Apply
  • Examples
  • Key Takeaways

   Learning Objectives

The learning objectives features help you understand the intent of each portion of the book. They are typically located at the start of the chapters and orient you to what you can expect to have learned after reading the given chapter.


Warm-up features include interactive tasks, such as questions about your observations of writing in your discipline or short activities prompting you to reflect on your own writing process. This feature primes you to engage with the upcoming material in ways that are most relevant to you and your field.


The examples features provide real-world examples of the content being described. These examples are derived from actual peer-reviewed research publications in a variety of different disciplines and are intended to better illustrate the instructional material in the particular section covered.

Key Takeaways

The key takeaways features supply you with a quick summary of the overall message of each section. They can serve as a useful thumbnail if you need a reminder about what content is provided in that part of the book.

Explore & Apply

The explore and apply feature encourages you to investigate the writing conventions of your own discipline. Specific tasks ask you to explore quality published research in your field so you can better match the goals and strategies instructed in the chapter with what you observe occurring in that writing. Next, you are provided suggestions for how to apply these goals and strategies as you construct your own written drafts.


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