Chapter 7: Writing Abstracts

Many academic fields utilize short summaries of scholarly work that are commonly referred to as abstracts. However, abstracts vary in both form and function, and novice researchers often struggle to compose succinct versions of their work. This chapter will provide an overview of the various uses and pieces of an abstract and will give you some tips on how to compose one successfully and efficiently.

Learning Objectives

After exploring this chapter, you will be able to …

  • Understand the fundamental concept of an abstract;
  • Articulate the various uses of an abstract;
  • Identify the parts of an abstract;
  • Connect those parts to the goals and strategies of the sections of a research article;
  • Design your own abstract based on best practices presented in this chapter.

Before moving on to our presentation of this aspect of research writing, spend a bit of time thinking about your own conception of an abstract.


What kind of information goes into an abstract? What should be excluded?


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