Chapter 1

Note to Instructors

For instructors and mentors of graduate students and novice researchers, this book will serve as a valuable reference guide in helping those unfamiliar with the standards of scholarly writing to better comprehend the research writing genre. It can be used within a graduate-level class in any number of academic disciplines and/or referenced as a useful pedagogical resource for students to consult as they learn the mandatory components of the research article. Alongside research article section-specific instructional materials are real-world examples of the building blocks that make up the writing. These samples are derived from a range of authentic, published research articles from highly reputable peer-reviewed journals and were hand-selected by field-specific experts in varying academic programs.

We encourage you to peruse the “How to Use this E-book” segment of the book prior to introducing this e-book to your students. This page helps students navigate the book’s features and primes them for using the text so that they get the most out of it. They will learn how to use the warm-up activities to start reflecting on their own writing processes, where to find authentic examples of instructed content that are included for illustration purposes, how to best explore published writing in their own fields to understand published authors’ use of certain research article section-specific goals and strategies, and how to apply these concepts to successfully draft their own research articles.

Please prompt your students to take advantage of the interactive tasks and activities in this e-book. They are inserted intentionally to engage learners with the material and discover more about the academic writing standards and conventions in their own disciplines. Student recognition of what makes quality research writing in their fields will help them as they write up their own empirical research and support their growth as independent research writers.


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