Chapter 3: Writing the Introduction Section

Some Other Important Points about Introductions

We have now covered the three communicative goals for writing Introductions and announced their various strategies. Here are a few other important points:

  • There is no linear order for organizing your content to fulfill these communicative goals.
  • Some communicative strategies are used more extensively than others.
  • Different strategies can be combined to achieve a stronger communicative effect.
  • The use of strategies varies depending on disciplinary conventions.
  • It is up to us as academic writers to evaluate our writing intentions and assess the degree to which we accomplish our goals.

Before you write, it may benefit you to read. When you are reading, be critical and look for the goals/strategies presented in this chapter. Two important aspects of writing can help you to do this:

      1. The subject matter: writers movement from general to specific. Notice how you do (or do not do) this.
      2. The quality of the claims: what you say is not as important as HOW you say it. Use your ability to compose strong arguments to enhance the quality of your claims.
Let’s try one final exercise to practice applying your knowledge of Introductions.


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