The First Day of Fall
(Sun Series #3)

Power Without Light

In this latest dream, we drove past old barns
onto a ranch where we didn’t belong.

Behind the last barn, a row of willows
carefully trained to the forms of bull elk…

Just past that barn, we turned
and drove parallel to the willows.

The trees became animated, swaying.

The herd awoke and turned towards us
and began to move.

Within a few steps, their antlers fell away,
and they became huge black bears.
We drove away, down to a house
that seemed to have no doors for entry,
till we reached it.
As we came close, the roof opened up
and we had to enter
by climbing down into it from above.

That’s when we learned
about the one who ran this ranch
and his dangerous games.

I left the rest and beat a hasty retreat.


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