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Version Date Type* Description Related chapter(s)
1.0 1/16/21 Major Deletion of content Prenatal development, Child abuse…care, Infancy and toddlerhood, Middle and late childhood, Adolescence, Emerging and early adulthood
1.0 1/16/21 Correction Updating terminology, update content Influences on parenting, Infancy and toddlerhood, Early childhood, Middle and late childhood, Adolescence, Emerging and early adulthood
1.0 1/16/21 Correction Replaced link with updated link Child abuse…care
1.0 1/16/21 References Adding of citation Prenatal development
1.0 1/17/21 Major Moving/deletion of links Additional topics…outcomes –> Prenatal development, Child abuse…care, Middle and late childhood
1.0 1/18/21 Correction, References Update terms, capitalization, citation formatting changed Structure…, Child abuse…care, Prenatal development
1.0 1/18/21 Major Deletion of content Infancy and toddlerhood
1.0 1/19/21 Correction Punctuation, citation errors fixed Infancy and toddlerhood, family systems theory, Reward oriented…., Taking away privilege’s, Early childhood, Middle and Late Childhood, Adolescence, Early and Emerging adulthood
1.0 1/20/21 Major/Addition Addition of a chapter: Illnesses and Exceptionalities. Moving content from other sections to new chapter Illnesses and Exceptionalities, Middle and Late Childhood, Additional topics…
1.0 1/20/21 Correction, References Updating stats, updating citations Early and emerging adulthood, Prenatal development, Infancy and toddlerhood, Middle and late childhood, Adolescence
1.0 1/25/21 References addition of footnotes Key Concepts, Skinner, Baumrind’s Parenting Styles, Prenatal Development
1.0 1/28/21 Major Moving content Additional topics –> Additional parenting styles. Child-rearing and Guidance –> Child abuse…
1.0 1/28/21 Correction Changing title of sections, fixing errors Child-rearing and Guidance, Exceptionalities, Additional topics…
1.0 2/8/21 Addition Addition of content to key concepts Key Concepts

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  • Addition: Text, images, or activities are added to the text.
  • Correction: Changes are made to the text to fix spelling mistakes or update content.
  • Format: Font and formatting changes are made (i.e. adding bold or italics to important terms, adding glossary terms, etc).
  • Major: Major reorganization, formatting changes, and other overhauls to the content are made. Usually related to version updates.
  • References: Citations are added to the text, citation formatting is edited, or attribution is added or changed for media.


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