Student Writing

2018 was an abundant year for student contributions to Cardinal Tales. We benefited from a student writer who wrote social media content and other pieces for Curation Services, our division. Student employees that process our collections are encouraged, not required, to write blog posts about the work they do or anything interesting they come across. In 2018, we had several blog posts by processing student assistants. For the first time, SCUA had undergraduate research assistants and they wrote posts based on research for their final projects. At Iowa State University, the Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program is a work study program that encourages talented juniors and seniors to pursue graduate study by offering them hands-on experience in a formal research environment. The two students we worked with had to research and compile information about Iowa State University students or student groups, from inception of university through 1980. The students or student organizations had to be from underrepresented and marginalized communities. Below are their final projects:



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