Blue Floral Muumuu

Vashalice inherited her grandmother’s muumuu after her grandmother passed away in 2016. Vashalice wears this garment to remember her grandmother who taught her how to be a strong Black woman.

When talking about this garment Vashalice said, “I wear this and it makes me feel nice because, it symbolizes the matriarch of our family and kind of just the place she holds. And just like the power in this dress, like granted it’s a nightdress, a muumuu—you’d be surprised the things my grandmother could pull off. I always remember her wearing dresses like this and everything else and it just kind of symbolizes the strength in something that’s really simple. So again, it’s not like oh, a string of pearls or like a Chanel suit or you know, anything like that. But it’s something that’s like really simple, really nice, really comfortable and she’s able to get the job done. I’ve seen her wear dresses like this to go to sleep, to do yard work. So I like this one a lot because it reminds me of her and when I wear it, I just feel like her, like I can do and go anywhere and be anything.


Blue floral muumuu, printed cotton plain weave with abstracted millefleur cotton print at the hem and yoke, c. 2010s. Owned by Vashalice. Photo by Dyese Matthews and Kelly L. Reddy-Best, 2019.


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