Instructor Notes

A Final Note and Request for Feedback

Putting together this lab manual was a large undertaking, but we recognize that it is not perfect or likely complete. We intend to make improvements and additions over time. We have not included examples of student work in this first version but will plan on adding them as we get permission from students. The lab manual is currently low on images mainly because it is difficult to find food industry images that can be used in OER. In short, we look at the lab manual as a living document that we will continue to revise and improve over time. To help us, your feedback is greatly appreciated, especially if you are using or plan on using the lab manual in your product development course. Your feedback can be shared here.

Using This Lab Manual

We have tried to remove course-specific details from this lab manual while still including complete instructions. There will be a variety of instances you may want to modify content. One of the ways this can be done is Book Cloning in Pressbooks. Cloning will allow you to copy the lab manual content and edit it as needed to essentially customize the lab manual for your specific course.

About References and Images.

We have linked references into the lab manual as much as we can. Finding well-written, applicable references that are freely available can be challenging. If you have found additional references for your product development course, please share them in the feedback form above.

Unless otherwise stated, all photos and images within this text were created by Kate Gilbert and are available under the same Creative Commons license as this book. The front cover images were kindly contributed by past students of the course: Erin Kyles (chocolate ravioli photo) and Emily Nienhaus (coconut custard spread photo).


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Food Product Development Lab Manual Copyright © 2021 by Kate Gilbert and Ken Prusa is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.