3 Resourcefulness

We do not spend enough time discussing resourcefulness, but we would argue that resourcefulness is one of the most important skills you can possess and use in this course and moving forward in your career. It is okay if you do not remember everything you ever learned; it is more important you can find and understand the information you need to successfully move a project forward.

Merriam-Webster defines resourcefulness as “able to meet situations, capable of devising ways and means.”

We would take that definition a step further and define resourcefulness as the ability to use instructions, examples, and given resources, plus search additional references as needed, to determine how to proceed with a project and solve problems that arise. This lab manual and additional references will allow you and your team to work through the product development process predominately independently. Faculty will be available to answer questions specific to your team’s product and project, but will not answer questions that can easily be found in provided references. The goal is to optimize time management, increase efficiency, and give you the power and ability to develop a new food product as a team. There are many different ways to be resourceful, but using this skill typically begins by asking yourself “How could I figure this out?” or “Where could I find a reference with that information?”

An illustration of the many ways you can be resourceful.


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