About the Authors

Diana L. Lang

Dr. Lang is an Associate Teaching Professor at Iowa State University who teaches a variety of courses within the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. She is also a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) which is recognized in the U.S. and Canada for Family Life Education professions. Her areas of interest include adoption, parenting, parent-child communications, topic avoidance, individual and family development across the life span, policy, professional orientation and service learning, and human sexuality education. She is the proud parent of two adult children and is the volunteer executive director and founder of a non-profit organization that promotes adoption as a positive parenting option.

If you plan to reuse or adapt this text, please notify Dr. Lang by contacting her at baltimore.diana@gmail.com.

Nicholas Cone

Nick Cone, a graduate student assistant for the course, contributed to the production of the latter half of this textbook, providing support with the curation, copyediting, and design of the content.


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