Module 5 – Verify

Chapter 2: Prototype Manufacture/Fabricate/Assemble

Addressing “Issues” Found during the Manufacturing Process: An ECN Form

When purchased parts are arrive, the Boyd Lab typically places them in the team totes. Check your totes to see if your purchased parts have come in within a week or perhaps earlier. If you’re missing something, please contact the Boyd Lab.

During the building of your prototype, there are typically issues with dimensions or materials or even manufacturing processes. If this occurs, a Engineering Change Notice (ECN) is required, and please see the DMADVR Toolbox for the ECN form. It requires a review with the team and signature of the instructor.

ECNs are common during initial builds(manufacturing, processing, etc.) and sometimes testing in industry settings. This helps to improve our design, manufacturing, and testing of our product (prototype) . It can also improve performance of our final design/product.

ECN FORM -Click down the left side to preview content areas of the form

A form with a header and sections for team name, requester, current issue, proposed changes, and instructor or TA's signature or comments.
Provided here is an example of what the Engineering Change Notification (ECN) Form looks like.


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