Module 6 – Report Results

Chapter 1: Design Results Reporting

Reporting Results 

This phase includes reporting results of the DFSS journey throughout the semester. These results are typically presented to diverse stakeholder audiences via:

ME Design Expo poster with prototype display

Poster: Visual Representation of the Design Process and Final Design Result to a diverse audience reviewing your poster! Example Poster:  Grinder Poster [PDF]

Final presentation

Watch this humorous presentation by an engineer and comedian!

 My Favorite Charts – Humor_Video Script [DOC]

Final report

  • Propose a final design based on your work throughout the semester
  • Create a business plan to document the viability and development of your design
  • Prepare a final report that clearly documents DFSS design process
  • Communicate and document the DFSS design project, results, and proposed design improvements

The team’s audience for the report include key stakeholders or people who have technical knowledge of mechanical engineering, and/or are familiar with your project throughout the semester. Proper documentation and reporting is extremely important for design engineering projects. Professional written communication of your semester’s design work and results!

Follow the Final Design Report Assignment Document for final report development and submission


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