Module 4B – Design Continued

Chapter 4: BOM, Purchase Order and Part Cost

Prototype Costing Analysis Accuracy

In order to develop an accurate parts cost for the prototype, all parts MUST be accounted for on the BOM:

  1. Purchased Parts
  2. Donated Parts
  3. Fabricated parts

Review CANVAS Assignments 08A and 08B to see what is needed for a Subassembly and Assembly review:

  1. The student design teams will have one formal in-class preliminary review prior to the final review date.
  2. However, the teams are encouraged to reach out to the Boyd Lab as much as needed to ensure the final design review is approved on the due date!
  3. Both Subassembly and Final Prototype Designs MUST be approved on time in order for the Boyd Lab to order materials for the manufacturing/assembly process.


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