Module 3- Analyze

Chapter 2: Functional Analysis and Concept Generation

Watch the video below: French Press Coffee Function (No Audio)

Function Tree for a French Press

The following represents a function tree with visible functions and hidden sub-functions for the French Press, whose primary function is “Make Coffee.”

Coffee making function tree diagram

Morphology Matrices/Charts

Below is an example of a morphological chart for a vegetable collection system:

  • On the left side of the chart, the functions are listed
  • On the right side, different mechanisms that can be used to perform the functions listed are drawn
  • The chart is a visual aid used to come up with different ideas
  • Idea generation is accomplished by creating single systems from different mechanisms illustrated in the morphological chart.
    • It is advised to generate several feasible designs using different mechanisms for each function for each concept.

Morphological pictures of a vegetable collection system with 4 options spread across 6 categories for picking, placing, sifting, packaging, transporting, and powering vegetable collection.

Based on this team’s research, the best option for each function was selected: the scoop for picking vegetables, the conveyor belt for placing them, the water from a well for dirt sifting, the bowl for packaging, a track system for transportation, and wind-blown power.

These options are outlined in red on a copy of the morphological chart from above:

The best option from each row is selected, some from column 1, and some from column 2 or 3.
Concept 1 utilizes the morphology of the best options identified by the team.

Concept 1:  Vegetable Collection System

A process: Scoop, Conveyor belt, Water from well, Bowl, Track system, and Wind-blown

Concept 1 is represented in order through the image above.

In product design, there are two templates used to develop morphology:

  1. A matrix is as outlined in the video, and
  2. a morphological chart is as shown above.

The morphological chart provides visual representations of functions that need to be achieved, and select concepts to be brought forward for further analysis. We will be utilizing the morphological chart in ME 270.

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