Karri Haen Whitmer

With rising education expenses it is ever more critical for university faculty to strive to reduce costs for our students. This project was developed with a love for learning and an understanding of our students’ current and future needs.

This text has evolved through many iterations, and several Biology 256L teaching staff have contributed to the current edition. Thank you to everyone who has provided figures, comments, and feedback on this work. Thank you to Ryan Arndorfer, Cameron Miller, Mary Madsen, Michael McCloskey, Darren Mattone, and Aron Nakama for their assistance in developing, reviewing, and editing these physiology activities.  Thank you to Iowa State University staff involved in providing the Miller Open Education mini-grant that supported this work, with particular gratitude to Abbey Elder, Open Access & Scholarly Communication Librarian. A special thank you to Dr. Barbara Krumhardt for developing previous versions of the vital signs and blood labs used in this text. Many of the experiments in this text use iWorx human physiology hardware and software; thank you to iWorx for providing the foundational methods for these experiments. Methods provided by iWorx for hardware and LabScribe software are copyright iWorx © 2020 iWorx All Rights Reserved.

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