12.10 Yeast Rolls Concept Review

  1. List and describe the function of each of the ingredients in the yeast loaf bread recipe:
Ingredients Function


Fill in the following terms related to bread:

  1. Food for yeast: ________ (yeast breaks sucrose down into glucose and fructose)


  1.  Ideal temperature for yeast fermentation: ______________, (yeast cells die at 140 degrees Fahrenheit or greater)


  1. __________________

Also known as bread machine yeast, comprised of more active yeast strains and may also contain enzymes and other additives to shorten the rising and proofing times by half.


  1. ____________________

Adding water to active dry yeast to “wake them up” for proper yeast fermentation.


  1. ____________________

Heating the milk to 180○F before used in bread making.  If this step is skipped, the dough is slack and sticky and the bread is coarse and has low volume.


  1. Flour to liquid ratio in yeast bread? _______________


  1. ___________________

Manipulation of bread dough for proper gluten formation in bread dough, generally done by pressing and folding of dough until a smooth, not sticky dough is formed.


  1. _________________________

Steps include hydration, first rise, shaping and second rise or proof.


  1. ________________________

Large increase in volume of bread dough when placed in the oven caused by rapid yeast fermentation as the temperature increases in the oven.  After the oven spring occurs, the fermentation stops and the yeast is dead.


Describe the desirable characteristics of a yeast-leavened bread:



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