7.1 Deep Fat Frying Concept Review

1.  List the safety precautions for each component when frying.

    • Pan:
    • Oil:
    • Temperature:


2.  Why is oil more efficient as a cooking medium when compared with water?



3.  What are the main quality objectives in deep fat fried foods?



4.  What is the difference between a batter and a breading?



5.  List oils used for deep fat frying.



6.  What is smoke point, flash point and fire point?



7.  Describe the changes in oil as it is used and deteriorates?



8.  Define the following terms – rancidity, panko, fritter and croquettes.



9.  List the top two deep-fat fried snacks in the United States.



10. What happens when you overload the fryer? (Especially with potatoes)



11.  What oils should not be used to deep fry foods? Why?




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