6.2 Cookery of Cereals and Pastas


  • To recognize a variety of cooked cereal products and identify the processing that gives each its unique characteristics.
  • To produce and recognize standard cooked pastas and other cereal products.
  • To evaluate the package directions in relation to the problems encountered with lumping and retained raw starch flavor in some cereals.

Laboratory Problems

  • Prepare noodles and other pastas.
  • Prepare breakfast cereals.


  • Grain: Bran, Germ, Endosperm
  • Enrichment
  • Fortification
  • Processing: grinding, rolled, cracking, milling
  • Gelatinization
  • Whole grain

First Preparation Day:

Prepare noodles according to recipe given below:


½ egg, beaten ¼ tsp. salt
1 tbsp. milk ½ cup flour

Combine egg, milk, and salt.  Add flour to make a stiff dough, may need 1-2 Tbsp. additional flour.  Roll out as thin as possible on cutting board.  Let stand about 20 minutes to partially dry.  Roll loosely as for jelly roll and cut ¼ -inch-wide noodles.  Or roll and cut with a pasta machine.  Spread on tray; cover with dish towel and let dry until next class period.  (Two hours or more drying is usually recommended.)


Second Preparation Day:

Prepare noodles.

1. Laboratory Manual recipe.

Add noodles to boiling salted water, using a volume of water approximately three times that of the noodles, and cook uncovered until done, about 10 minutes.  Or boil 2 minutes, cover, remove from heat, and let stand until al dente, about 10 minutes.

Evaluation of alimentary pastas:

Pasta Length of Cooking Time Volume Increase Appearance Texture Flavor

Characteristics of standard product for pastas:

Appearance Texture Flavor

Separate, intact pieces.

Color typifying product.

Firm, yet tender. Al dente.

Moist and gelatinized throughout.

Mild; noodles have some egg flavor.

No raw starch flavor.


Directions for Breakfast Cereal Preparation

Prepare one or two servings of each breakfast cereal.

Cook according to package directions with water until cereal loses the raw starch flavor, adding additional water if necessary.  Cereal may be stirred gently with a fork.  Record cooking time.  Record observations on chart.

Characteristics of a standard product for breakfast cereal:

Appearance Texture Flavor
Color characteristic of the cereal.

No surface film.

Light, homogeneous consistency with distinct particles typical of cereal type.

Free from lumps and unsoftened cellulose particles.

Moist, slightly chewy mouthfeel.

Mellow flavor typical of cereal type; free from raw starch flavor.

Evaluation of Breakfast Cereals

Cereal Product Type and Parts of Grain Present Type of Processing and/or Additions to Products Cooking Time Sensory Attributes
Traditional Oats (Old-Fashioned)
Quick Oats
Instant Oats
Cream of Rice
Cream of Wheat
Quick Grits
Instant Grits


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