6.1 Concept Review Starch-Thickened Products

  1. What are the three ways to separate starch and prevent lumps?


  2. Describe a sol versus a gel and give an example of each. Which starches will form a gel and which will form a sol?  


  1. Provide a definition for the following terms:
    1. Retrogradation:
    2. Syneresis:
    3. Amylose:
    4. Amylopectin:
  1. Describe the three stages of gel formation.
    1. Granule Swelling


    1. Gelatinization


    1. After Heating


  1. What is the effect of excess stirring on texture of starch thickened products?


  1. Why are butter and vanilla added at the end of the cooking period rather than at the beginning?


  1. Compare tapioca and corn starch puddings for:
    1. method of preparation:
    1. texture after cooling:
    1. film formation:


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