Uganda management challenge

Amber Anderson

This corn is in Kamuli District, Uganda, and would normally yield sufficient crop to be used as a staple food for the season and sold in the market, this is not used for animal feed. Fertility/tillage is not significantly different in these pictures than in years with good yields sufficient to sustain the family on the 1-2 acre plot. They can grow multiple crops per year depending upon rainfall and crops chosen, as temperatures do not fall much below 60 degrees F at any point in the year.

Recently, the little purple flowers on the right have appeared at the edge of the field, and the ears in the picture are empty. They have asked you to figure out what is going on and how might they manage this problem so they can produce enough crop.

  1. What management recommendations do you have?



  1. What significant differences exist when considering management here than in the Midwest US?


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