Amber Anderson


Amber standing in a soil pit.
Amber in her preferred habitat. Photo Credit: Lee Burras.

Welcome soils students!

My name is Amber Anderson, I’m an associate teaching professor at Iowa State University in the Agronomy Department as well as coach of ISU’s soil judging team. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of soils and interacting with those of you both at Iowa State University and beyond. To those outside of Iowa State-hope you have a great soils learning experience, and feel free to contact me!

I would like to acknowledge the contributions, review, and support of Dr. Lee Burras, Dr. Cole Dutter, Heidi Ackerman, Ala Khaleel, Arturo Flores-Godoy, Hallie Sandeen, Casey Luke, and many others at Iowa State University Department of Agronomy. Thank you to external reviewer Sam Indorante. Cover illustration by Audrey Jenkins.


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