Part Three. Enscape

Chapter 22. Edit render outputs

Session Objectives

Upon completing this session, students will be able to:

  • (CO 1) Export enlarged jpg files (Original, ID) for print
  • (CO 2) Create Executable file
  • (CO 3) Create Render Panorama image

 Session Highlights

At the end of the session, students can create the graphics below.
It shows the session highlight presenting the 360 degree image and the standalone program for presentation. This is the expected result at the end of this lecture.

 Lecture Contents

(CO 1) Export enlarged jpg files (Original, ID) for print

Refer to [lecture 14.1, CO 2], for the final render image process
If you need a special size of render image, change the resolution to Custom and change the values from Capture in Visual Settings
It indicates how to set a custom image size.

You can use the ID images and Depth map to adjust the rendering in photoshop.
It indicates how to use material ID map and Depth map in photoshop for post-production.

(CO 2) Create Executable file

To export the EXE file

EXE file type is for a presentation, it does not require any programs like Revit, nor Enscape, material links, and lighting/render settings.

  • [STEP 1] Click [Start] to launch Enscape and confirm your model is ready for export.
  • [STEP 2] Select view to start
  • [STEP 3] Add information (Icon, Title, Load first screen) from [Customization] on [General Settings]
    It indicates how to edit the Exe file information.
  • [STEP 4] Click Export > Exe Standalone
    It indicates how to create an Exe file.
  • [STEP 5] Save > Name the file name and wait until the file is created
    It presents the Exe output.

(CO 3) Create Render Panorama image

To create Render Panorama

(This option creates only one 360-degree rendering image with QR code at the same time)

  • [STEP 1] Select a view to create a 360-degree rendering image (The center of a room/space)
  • [STEP 2] Click Enscape Start. Confirm your Projection mode is [Perspective]
  • [STEP 3] Click Render Panorama. The render takes time because this panorama needs to render 16 images (for the normal setting)
    It indicates how to set for a rendered panorama view.
  • [STEP 4] Automatically saved on [Manage Uploads], open [Manage Uploads]
    It indicates how to upload the 360-degree panorama image for a QR code.[STEP 5] Click the rendered image > Upload the rendered image in ENSCAPE CLOUD
  • [STEP 6] Click the file to open the web browser or use a QR code
  • [STEP 7] And the rendered image file and the QR code can be saved in JPG
    It indicates how to download the QR code for a presentation.

Tips from Enscape using Panorama view

Please read this link for using the panorama view

Please read this link for an advanced level using panorama images


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