Part Three. Enscape

Chapter 19. Introduction of Enscape

  • Understand what is Enscape
  • Control/navigate Enscape
  • Create views
  • Add model backgrounds
  • Add Entourages
  • Render images

Chapter 20. Edit Model and Materials

  • Understand workflow, name of the material
  • Use 3D Grass, Water, Reflective, textures
  • Change to Architecture Maquette (White model, Outline) & Light mode
  • Create Orthometric views

Chapter 21. Edit Lighting and Create Video

  • Save, and load presets
  • Set and adjust artificial lightings
  • Create a walk-through video

Chapter 22. Edit Render outputs

  • Export enlarged jpg files (Original, ID) for print
  • Create Executable file
  • Create Render Panorama image