Part One. AutoCAD

Chapter 1. Introduction of AutoCAD

  • What is the application & 4 different AutoCAD
  • How to install the application
  • Understand AutoCAD interface – Ribbon, Panels, Model space, Layout tabs, Status bar, & Properties
  • AutoCAD setup tips – Options, Unites, Workspace
  • Types and structure of drawings  in Auto CAD– Floor plan, RCP, Elevation, Section, & Details 
  • Input commands and understand different selections 
  • Understand basic drawing tools– Origin, Line, Move, Rotate, Copy
  • Attach image/PDF/CAD and Adjust the scale
  • Set the project folder, Save the file, and backups

Chapter 2. Draw Floor Plans

  • Understand Layers – Name, Line type, Thickness, & Color
  • Draw centerlines – Line, Ortho, & Offest
  • Draw exterior/interior walls, floor, millwork & openings  Polyline, Spline, Circle, Rectecgul, Object Snap, Mirror, Fillet, Trim, Extend, Array, & Match Properties 

Chapter 3. Create Dimensions and Components

  • Add/Edit dimensions (in model space)– Dim, & Dimension style
  • Add/Edit blocks from AutoCAD Tool Palette & Other sources – Door, Window, Column, Plumbing, Furniture & Equipment
  • Create custom blocks – Custom furniture

Chapter 4. Draw Elevations and Sections

  • Draw a section
  • Draw an elevation from Floor plan
  • Add/Edit Text & Annotation (in model space) – MText, Text style, M leader, & Multileader Style

Chapter 5. Draw Ceiling Plans

  • Draw Ceiling Plans from Floor plan
  • Add/Edit Hatch
  • Create Legends

Chapter 6. Set Sheets

  • Understand the Model space and Paper spaces
  • Set a new layout – Page layout, & Plot styles
  • Set views in Paper spaces – Defpoints, Scaling
  • Add/Edit/Draw a titleblock

Chapter 7. Symbols and prints

  • Add/Edit symbols in Paper spaces – drawing title, elevation symbol and section letters, north arrow
  • Printing