Part Two. Hybrid Digital Drawing

Chapter 5. Wacom tablet & Painter – User interface

  • Be aware of various types of perspectives using hybrid techniques
  • Be introduced Wacom tablet technology
  • Be introduced “Painter Essentials” and similar applications in the industry
  • Understand the basic interface of “Painter Essentials”

Chapter 6. Painter – Tools and brushes

  • Four types of working in Painter
  • Use basic tools and panels in Painter
  • Understand brushes in painter – Choosing and acquiring brushes

Chapter 7. Painter – Auto painting & Clone painting

  • Various brushes and categories
  • AI auto-painting
  • Clone painting

Chapter 8. iPad & Procreate

  • Be introduced a drawing app – Procreate
  • Understand the basic interface and gestures of “Procreate”
  • Understand various brushes, layers, and colors
  • Understand various tools in the app
  • Be introduced various working processes for perspective views