Part Three. Advanced Modeling

Chapter 9. Revit – Family parameter

  • Understand parameters in Revit family modeling
  • Create a simple chair with parameters
  • Create a simple table with parameters

Chapter 10. Revit – Nested family

  • Understand a nested Revit family and how it works
  • Create a chair and table set with nested Revit families
  • Modify a door family

Chapter 11. Revit – Organic shaped walls

  • Create a slanted wall without Massing tools
  • Understand various 3D models using Massing
  • Create an organic shape wall
  • Create an organic shape curtainwall

Chapter 12. Revit – Organic shaped ceiling and column

  • Create an organic wooden pattern ceiling/wall/bench
  • Create a geometric pattern ceiling
  • Create organic column vs. geometric pattern column

Chapter 13. Revit – Sketchup models

  • Create an advanced Revit Site model (Surroundings)
  • Import Sketchup models in Revit project with material changes
  • Import Sketchup models in Revit project without the complex lines using 3Ds Max

Chapter 14. Sketchup advanced modeling

  • Understand the process of a Revit model to a Sketchup model for rendering
  • Understand the Sketchup modeling process and strategies
  • Understand Sketchup advanced modeling with plug-ins