Part Four. Advanced Rendering

Chapter 15. Vray for Sketchup

  • Be introduced to VRAY
  • Understand Vray render and camera settings
  • Understand Vray material settings
  • Understand Vray lighting settings
  • Understand the Final render and save the image

Chapter 16. Lumion – User interface & import 3D model

  • Be introduced to Various Rendering software
  • Install Lumion Pro Student
  • Understand the interface
  • Import a 3D model

Chapter 17. Lumion – surroundings, objects, & materials

  • Add surroundings
  • Add/edit materials
  • Add objects

Chapter 18. Lumion – Lightings, scenes, & outputs

  • Add/edit lighting
  • Add/edit scenes
  • Render outputs

Chapter 19. Photoshop – brushes and quick retouch

  • Be aware of various tips and skills for better interior perspective renderings
  • Be introduced to various sites for texture, cutouts, and more for references
  • Be able to produce a rendering with a quick retouch

Chapter 20. Photoshop – Advanced rendering post-production

  • Understand photoshop brushes and Wacom tablet
  • Understand post-production for exterior perspective rendering