8.3 Phrase Groups and Double Periods: Theory exercises

In addition to Workbook Chapter 8.3, see the exercises below.

Exercise 1

Sing through and analyze the following four-phrase Phrase Group and answer the following questions:
1. Label the four phrases with letters
2. What cadences are implied at the ends of each phrase?
3. Do any pairs of phrases form a Period?
4. Do any pairs-of-pairs of phrases form a Double Period?

Theory Exercises example 1

Exercise 2

Step 1) Sing through and analyze each of the following four-phrase Phrase Groups. Does each fulfill the prescribed structure? If not, why not?

Step 2) Alter a few notes in each so as to make the phrase group fulfill the prescribed structure. You will need to change the first or last few notes of one or two phrases to make it do so.

Theory Exercises example 2


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